A view from inside the workshop

This is an honest picture. It shows my workshop the way it usually looks when I’m working at full tilt. I had a strong desire to make it all tidy before snapping a pic, but that would be false, since it never looks tidy :-) I usually have a lot of flutes of various kinds in various stages, so it usually looks as though there has been a small explosion. You will even see my green smoothie sitting on the table saw! Yum!

Not surprisingly, a lot of flute enthusiasts are curious about how their instruments are made.  I can hardly blame them, since I would be curious as well!  The technical side of flute making is very fascinating and being able to share a bit about how I make my flutes seemed like a worthy topic for an ongoing blog.   Every time I visit the site of another flute maker it is always a treat to find some photos and descriptions of their shop and their unique approach to flute making.  It’s fun to see what we do the same and what we do differently, what tools and techniques are applied to the task at hand, and how very individual it can be.

A lot has changed in my workshop over the last 17 years!  I started out with a few simple tools and gradually grew and adapted to my changing interests.  These days, my work is more interesting to me than it has ever been.  I’m blessed to be able to share and collaborate with other artisans and musicians, all of us working together to make better instruments and to inspire as many people as possible.  Woodwinds are a deeply rewarding past time, whether you are amateur or professional, a maker or a player.  So I hope you enjoy this peek behind the curtain :-)

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