NEW! Compact Travel Xiao, Curly Maple, Key of D (tonic G)

The new compact travel xiao is a one-piece, shortened version of the classic xiao. I simplified this design to make this an affordable option for players who want to experience the xiao (and who like the ability to conveniently travel with their flutes). The shortened version was achieved by eliminating the extra length and the tone hole matrix that is a feature of the classic bei xiao. These features add stability to the root note and enhance higher harmonics. To compensate for their absence, the bore is back-reamed at the foot to enhance the stability of the root.

Made from resin-stabilized (dyed) curly maple. Note: the white flecks you can see on the flute are natural variations in the wood effecting how it absorbs the coloring. They are not scratches or defects.

Listen below to Scott August demonstrating a xiao in D.


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