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Contemporary and Traditional World Flutes

Welcome to the online catalog of Geoffrey Ellis Flutes!

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I accept custom orders as well, so if you don’t see what you are looking for please contact me directly.




End blown flutes from China

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Available flutes for sale

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Classical Indian flutes from wood

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Scott August Signature Flutes

Original World Flutes

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Rim Blown Flutes

Flutes of the ancient Southwest

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Shakuhachi Flutes

Beautiful wooden shakuhachi

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Irish Flutes

Transverse flutes for Irish Traditional Music

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Transverse Flutes

Simple and elegant side blown flutes

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Shop Notes

Blogging about the flute making process

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Giving thanks

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Flute audio samples

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Custom orders and contact info

How to get in touch

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Choosing a flute

Which is the right flute for you?

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Subscribe to e-mail list

Receive announcements about new flutes for sale

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A bit about myself

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